Thursday, 25 August 2016

Training a Working Breed Dog

This picture of Jamie, our lovely Working Breed Cocker Spaniel, was taken just days after we adopted him, at the age of about eight months.

Working dog breeds make wonderful pets and companions, and the young family who owned him loved him to bits and he was beautifully cared for. Unfortunately they were now realising that they just couldn’t manage to give him the time he now needed to keep him happy and occupied.  These breeds are highly intelligent and bred to WORK, so they need to be carefully trained to do this, or they can become mischievous.

Regretfully, but very wisely, they started to look for a new home for their puppy, and we were willing to have a go!  After carefully ‘vetting’ us they agreed to a trial, and two years later here he is!

Yes, he’s now much bigger and still extremely ‘bouncy’, but a joy!

In this section of my blog I plan to tell the story of our progress as we endeavoured to train him to become a polite member of society!

When we have owned (and successfully trained) dogs before, we have usually found books a good source of useful information and advice.  Jamie proved to be a special case, and the internet has come up with a wonderful dog trainer called Pippa Mattinson. Her site  would be an invaluable resource for all dog owners, but is particularly helpful for owners of working breeds.

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