Sunday, 18 September 2016

A September Trip

Staffin Post Office, Skye
Phew….that was another whirlwind week in the midst of a whirlwind trip in the midst of an impossibly whirlwind year!

….Where to start...what to put in and what to leave out?

My emphasis this time was to get to know Skye a little better in my artistic exploration of the Western Isles….
So I booked myself in at Dun Flodigarry hostel , not really knowing what I would find…!

Thank you Gavin and Bryan….you’ve a great place!  and what a marvellous view!   Didn’t see the mountains across the Sound for a week, but THEN……!!!!!
The weather turned a bit, but often that brings wonderful skies , so that was good! I don’t think I’ll ever forget the interesting experience of my attempt to paint Staffin Post Office!

A new place to explore involves working out bus timetables , finding somewhere to hole up while dodging the weather and hopefully do some sketching , oh and try to do as much work as possible while enjoying a stunning location, in an effort to share all that beauty with a few onlookers , perhaps?

Then it was on to my regular pitch at Berneray Hostel but even this part of my expedition came up with some exciting variations…!

Moving on, I stayed a couple of nights at the excellent Cowshed Boutique Hostel in Uig...a chance to catch up on some more work and attend to my growing website maybe? I didn’t manage much sketching there...just one or two doodles. But this is another place where I find I can feel very happily ensconced, so must bookmark it for hopefully a longer sojourn another time!

Hmmm...maybe I’m veering towards the tedious...highlights...and more highlights!  Well, there was Tir Nan Og B&B for a special treat - delicious food...stunning views.

Then I found the excellent Eilidh at Coralbox ...what a discovery, and later was treated to a bit of a  party around a convivial table at the hostel on my last night...grrrrreat!

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