Thursday, 20 October 2016

The new path and patio progress...thanks to those excellent hexagons

Well...thanks to some really lovely autumn weather ,we've been able to progress a bit further with our garden landscaping , and you can see in this photo how things are developing.  Lots of packing with rubble is necessary under the farther edge of each shape, as leaving a gap underneath the new patio  would have the potential of attracting vermin!  - no not exactly the species of vermin shown in this website if you live in the uk, but you know what I mean!
In this photo, you can see that the recovering lilac bush  is now skirted. 
The next question of course is where to place the next continue to detour round the lilac bush just at that point would be counter-productive, as roots etc would have to be further pruned and dug out  - a big unwanted job!  Also  I didn't want to interfere with that nice developing clump of marjoram , so the next hexagon will continue the path to the left!
If the land hadn't actually started to slope  quite steeply at this point, then I would have planned the next stage a lot further there and then, but this is a case of a bit of necessary planning 'on the hoof', seeing how things develop! Not exactly a professional  approach, but it suits us at present!
There is potential for a nicely shaped flower bed  by the lilac bush - that's the fun of designing with hexagons!

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