Thursday, 3 November 2016

My 'InkTober' blog needs polishing a bit!

This morning's attempt at some kind of online entry is really showing up how 'green' I am at this blogging lark...!

Wishing to place this InkTober contribution online in some way, having omitted it from my last post, I tried putting it on my Facebook page .  Managed to make a bit of a hash of that, so I'll try doing something else here! I think that I'll put the drawing on my new Pinterest page for this aspect of my artwork, as this is an area which I want to work on!

Training the young dog in question is another area which requires lots of attention! We have a Working Cocker Spaniel who is now a really delightful family companion, and we have worked hard for over a year training him to be generally obedient...just this morning I've been reinforcing the lesson that he should be staying on his bed where he was asked to go (as we are in the middle of a massive 'downsizing' exercise then floorspace is at a premium, and this ensures that we know where he is!).  BUT we have found ourselves with a dog that is 'hard-wired to chase' so we have to take precautions to make sure that he doesn't end up on a busy road or railway line while still getting sufficient excercise.  Just now he's been out off-road with my husband and the bike gadget , while other times our big securely fenced back garden and 'Chuckit' gadget
are just the job!

One website I've seen recommends training our dog to 'quarter' from side to side when exercising, and this looks really helpful! We've been using Pippa Mattinson's ideas and methods for a while now for various aspects of training, so can be reasonably confident with this one, perhaps!  Fingers crossed...!

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