Sunday, 25 September 2016

Encouraging Wild Birds to a Suburban Garden

Blue Tit drawing

 As I am currently in the position of slowly planning a new garden , the question of attracting wild birds definitely comes to mind!  Although I am most definitely NOT a ‘twitcher’, I love watching birds and learning about them!
I may not go as far as installing CCTV or other sophisticated camera equipment, as described on this website, but once birds start returning I will definitely be keeping a pair of binoculars permanently on each of window cills in our ground floor flat, ready to grab when something interesting flashes past! The sites specialising in birdbox cams and the like however do often provide lots of information and good advice on attracting wild birds to a garden plot!
So where will I start?
"Provide suitable habitat"
No problem - we have already started planting native species in a new hedge around the garden - this will provide lots of shade and places to perch, nest and hide from predators .
"Provide water"
Again no problem, as a planned bog garden  is already taking shape, and we will be introducing running water features  as soon as possible - nothing nicer on a sleepy sunny afternoon than listening to moving water!
"Provide bird feeders and regular food"
Care needs to be taken here, as if you undertake to feed birds regularly this has to be maintained, especially in winter , as birds now in the habit of visiting your garden to feed may starve if supplies suddenly cease!
Care must also be taken to position bird feeders suitably - near to cover, so that birds can perch while awaiting their turn, literally in the ‘pecking order’!  However, don’t make it easy for predators  such as cats to get too close!
A resource that we have found invaluable in the past is this one , both for supply of a super range of bird food and for excellent advice and information.

Care also needs to be taken to keep feeders and the ground beneath clean and hygenic.

This all sounds like a lot of trouble, but believe me it’s well worth it!

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