Friday, 30 September 2016

InkTober.......marshalling the troops!

I’m glad to see that Jake Parker, the brains behind ‘InkTober’, is using a brushpen and a paintbrush as well as fountain pens for manipulating the ink! That gives me lots of flexibility!

Thank you , Suhita for jogging my elbow about this event...I came across one or two posts last year referring to it, and was intrigued….now I know what it’s all about!

The Daily Prompt List is a good idea...I wonder if we have to stick to it, and in the right order,  or perhaps just use it casually for inspiration? Oh well, I think I’ll see what other people are doing….!

Anyway, I decided to count my ‘troops’, and to my delight it came to one dozen items!

1. TWSBI Diamond 530 fountain pen -for some brown ink
2. TWSBI Diamond 530 fountain pen  for my favourite grey ink. ( I am really pleased, by the way, to find that the reliable website 'Parka Blogs' reviews the pens I like - this site is a brilliant resource for really careful and detailed reviews of just about everything an artist uses!
I really like the feel, weight and balance of these particular pens, and I especially approve of the screw - on cap, which screws on to the end when in use! (I know some people prefer to leave the cap off to use, but it’s purely a matter of preference.  In my book , ANY drawing or painting implement needs to feel like a natural extension of my arm, and this is my main criteria which comes as extremely HIGH PRIORITY!
3. Platinum Carbon Fountain Pen with Converter.  I find that I really love using this pen, as its very fine nib really grips the paper well, and this suits me. Parka blogs comments that this is because the tip of the nib lacks the usual 'ball' feature.
4. Platinum Carbon Ink Refill backup bottle
5. Platinum Carbon Ink Cartridges (for emergency backup!)
6. Herbin "Gris Nuage" grey ink .  After purchasing this lovely blue-grey ink on a whim, I now find it indispensable!
7. W&N brown ink refill bottles
8. Pentel Brushpen - a really excellent tool for beautiful soft pigment ink lines.
9. Pentel brushpen refill cartridges .I've pictured the really excellent self-sealing pack which contains the refills - brilliant!
10.  Dip pen (My lovely grey ink is running a bit low, so this is to use in emergencies!)
11. Paintbrush (for grey ink brushwork experiments)
12. Diamond 530 fountain pen presentation box

Well, alright, the twelfth item isn’t strictly another addition to the list of materials I’ll be using for this challenge, but it’s certainly nice enough to draw, and I’ll be doing that tomorrow (although I find that with these particular pens the ink takes a little while to ‘draw down’ , so I find it convenient to keep them ‘nose-down’ in the front pocket of my sketching belt pouch, separate from other materials, so that they are easy and quick to grab at a moment’s notice!

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